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"Saving the Universe" is an 8 week after school class for 3rd & 4th grade students. It was inspire by the "WoW in School" project and developed to explore the use of gaming in school with younger students. This page will document what is observed from an educator's perspective as well as provide resources on using games in school.
Marianne Malmstrom
-aka- Knowclue

  • 7th Grade "Ninja's" (tech club) review LU on behalf of their younger classmates. Read their review:

  • The play moves beyond the game. When given "free" choice during computer class, BrightGracefulTeacher constructs a story using ComicLife.
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Gaming in School Programs:

Quest Atlantis

A game created by Indiana University's School of Education for school children, ages 9 - 16.

WoW in School started by: Lucas Gillispie

An innovative program using World of Warcraft to engage students while teaching an array of formalized standards. WoW!


Mindcraft in School started by: Lucas Gillispie

An unexpected new star, Mindcraft is taking the "Games in School" crowd by by storm! Students are crazy about this game and educators are finding a virtual gold mine of curriculum possibilities.

The 7th grade tech club at EMS voted nearly unanimously to play this game over WoW or other virtual worlds!
You can follow their adventures at MorrowCraft.


RezEd(powered by GlobalKids) is an educators' hub for the learning & virtual worlds. They are taking a closer look @ LEGO Universe.


Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education

March 17-19, 2011 - Second Life

GLS: Games+Learning+Society Conference

* Presenting: "Saving the Universe" - LEGO Universe in School *
June 15-17, 2011 - Madison, WI

Game Education Summit: DigiPen Institute of Technology
June 22-23, 2011 - Redmond, WA

GiE: Games in Education (2011 Date not yet announced)
2010: http://www.gamesineducation.org
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James Paul Gee Dr. Gee's research into gaming, literacy and learning
Jane McGonigal Jane McGonigal, is a game designer and visionary
Gaming Matter Seann Dikker focuses on gaming in education
EduRelms Lucas Gillispie chronicles all matters of games in education


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Provided by: Fleet Goldberg

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