Machinima is video that has been created using 3D video games or virtual worlds.
It's a fantastic way to develop media production skills.

Summer Explorations 2011

TUTORIALS: Share Your Knowledge

Students were asked to create a tutorial to teach something they did very well.

Express Yourself

Students express their own creative style!

After School Adventures - Spring 2011

Project Two - Express Yourself

May 4, 2011 - Students were asked to create clips to promote our class to their classmates for an upcoming assembly.
1. Watch example created by teacher
2. Configure iShowU & start capture
3. Choose an interesting area and setup minifigure for a front view filming
4. Type chat that expresses why you love playing LU and why you would recommend the class to your schoolmates

Students were asked to leave the capture software running for the duration of the class in order to capture their play. After class, I collected their clips and stitched together the promo using their comments. I found clips of their play that illustrated comments they made.

May 45, 2011 - An interesting note:
Initially, the kids seemed reluctant to capture the machinima because they were anxious to actually "play" their beloved game. Given their groans upon hearing the assignment, I was fascinate to observe the thought and creativity they demonstrated in setting up their shots. Many of them traveled to specific areas of the game in order to communicate what they loved most about LU and our class. I never fail to be amazed at what I learn from my students when they are given the opportunity and tools to express themselves. ~Knowclue

This is the completed promo:

Project One - First Steps: Learning the Tools

For this first project students learned to:

April 6, 2011 - Learn to capture footage
1. Configure iShowU (screen capture software)
2. Set capture area
3. Launch iShowU to recored during class session

April 13, 2011 - Learn to edit & export
1. Choose visually interesting clips for their project
2. Add music (optional)
3. Add a titles and credits

You can watch all of our first machinimas here. Enjoy!