Welcome to "Saving the Universe", a course designed for 3rd - 5th graders. We are playing LEGO Universe, an awesome new MMOG that allows us to explore, build and quest together. Our goal is to find pure imagination and use it to save creativity!
~Knowclue, March 2011

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Course Description:

LEGO Universe ~ HELP! When four explorers discovered the Nexus of Imagination, the pure source of creativity, one explorer unwittingly unleashed a Dark Maelstrom of Chaos Energy. It now threatens to consume the entire universe in darkness! Brave boys & girls are needed to help stop this destructive force by using pure imagination to save creativity, rebuild the universe and conquer The Evil Maelstrom!

Our class created this machinima to promote "Saving the Universe"

Third and fourth grade students (and one of their teachers) created short machinima clips to explain why they love playing LEGO Universe. I stitched together their clips to create this short promo for our class. ~Knowclue May 2011
* Watch more machinima*

LEGO Universe Official Trailer

More cool LEGO Universe videos

Lovin lego saving the universe for the Nexus force

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Boohoohoo_small.pngVery Sad News!!

LEGO announced on that it will close LEGO Universe effective January 31, 2012 because they do not have enough subscribers. :_( ~Knowclue November 2011

Does it really end here? Follow the very real fight to Save LEGO Universe!

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Great News! "Saving the Universe" Kids are organizing:

Occupy LEGO Universe - NEW YEAR's EVE! Learn more


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