ElectricLavaDragon is the key to awesomeness.

I am full rank three Venture League Daredevil and have 4 rank three pieces for Buccaneer. Pics are coming soon.

I got my pirate hook and brown pirate hat today and I am totally excited to race in Gnarled Forest. ( I raced there and it is so fun! Lovin' it!)

Pics should be here tom.

So now you can look at me and my awesome rank three gear. I now have to work on getting full rank three Buccaneer gear and then when I do that, Valiant weapons here I come!
Okay, well on the last day of Summer Explorations Camp 2011, I ended up with full rank three Daredevil and I need one more piece for full rank three Buccaneer. I had a great time and I feel bad for AstroStoicCyclone who was two rocket flights away from Rank Three Engineer Shoulderpads. :(
I now have enough money but only 77 Faction Tokens out of 360. I am almost close to being there! :D
I died a bunch of times and now I don't Have enough money. lol! 12,000-15,000 but now I have 104 Faction tokens out of 360. I am so pumped!
I am now full rank three Daredevil and Buccaneer! I will now save up for Adventurer which whould be coming out on August 9th.
I did Dragon battle like 3 times and got some gems. Gonna wait till Adventurer comes out to sell my 6th,5th, and 4th most worthy ones. Maybe 3rd. So Psyched!

Gratz Electric! I'm soooo proud of you! ~Knowclue

ElectricLavaDragon_salute.pngTen Hut! ElectricLavaDragon_Cowboy.png This is me in Gnarled Forest wearing my 3 rare Black Cowboy Hat And the Paradox behind me is VenomousVoidCobra who is my friend who I was questing with.

I am so excited for new faction kits! I cannot wait till I can be a Shinobi, Adventurer, Space Ranger and Inventor! (I have one character for each Faction)
I like Adventurer the best because us Venture Leagues can get treasure from defeating enemies from farther and move on quicker rather than having to walk through every single reward. Go Venture League! They come out tomorrow! Yes!
Guess who is full rank two Adventurer1 Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yay-uhhhhh!